MITEM 2021

Between September 17th and October 9th

As you all know, in 2020, the Madách International Theatre Meeting, MITEM, was cancelled due to the pandemic situation. We have twice tried to postpone the programme to a new date, but COVID-19 did not allow us to hold the festival.  The good news is that MITEM can be hold this year, in 2021, between September 17th and October 9th. The details of the rich programme will be presented to the press on Monday, August 23rd.


Commemoration of Géza Szőcs

6 October, 4:00 pm – national theatre, kaszás Attila stage

After the presentation of personal testimonies and poems that evoke the figure of the poet, a portrait film of him will be screened. A multilingual, representative volume that consists of the text of the performance presented, illustrated by photos, will be available for purchase.


Rest in Peace, Mari Törőcsik!

Dear colleagues,
The National Theatre informs you, with profound sadness, that early last morning (16 April 2021) after a prolonged illness, Mari Törőcsik -- Outstanding Artist and Artist of Merit, celebrated as both the Nation's Actress and the Nation's Artist, two-time winner of the Mari Jászai Prize, in addition to the Béla Balázs Prize and the Kossuth Grand Prize -- passed away at 86 years of age. She is a permanent member of the Company of Immortals. The  National Theatre regards Mari Törőcsik as our dearly departed.


Press release

Information on the situation caused by coronavirus epidemic

The National Theater informs its audience that, due to the coronavirus epidemic affecting our country, the Operative administration body and the Government of Hungary, according to the decree effective as of today, will not hold its plays and performances from today onwards until this decision is revoked.  The Madách International Theater Festival is postponed by the National Theater on the recommendation of the Ministry of Human Resources.

MITEM 2019


The English language April issue of the professional journal of the National Theatre in Budapest

The English language April issue of the professional journal of the National Theatre in Budapest, Szcenárium, has again been composed for the guests of MITEM (Madách International Theatre Meeting) this year. We think it is timely on this, the sixth occasion of the meeting that more space be devoted to the hosts, to ourselves. So we present you the masterpiece of Hungarian dramatic literature, translated into 33 languages, the author of which, Imre Madách, is the eponym of the event and a new production of which by director Attila Vidnyánszky is to be featured in the festival as well.

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