SOLIDARITY DAY FOR UKRAINE - Screening and Concert-performance

24 April 2022, National Theatre

On 24 April 2022, you can also join the National Theatre & Hungarian Interchurch Aid fund-raising project and pledge donations for the refugees fleeing the war. You can donate to the people who need your support by using the National Theatre's charity boxes and the Hungarian Interchurch Aid payment terminals. Download and print your free tickets! 

MITEM 2022 - Professional programme

To be or to exist?

21 April 2022, Thursday, 5 p.m. Attila Kaszás Stage

In our 'time out of joint', humankind has no shared points of reference, no shared notions, no shared truths. The youngest generation is roaming around in this confusion of Babel, trying to find truth, faith, a goal in life for itself, as it was 'born to set it right'.  Round table participants: Gábor Tompa, András Both. Moderator: András Kozma.

MITEM 2022 - Professional Programme

BodyConstitution - Masterclass of Jarosław Fret (OPEN DAY)

OPEN DAY from 3 PM - National Theatre, Dye house, 30 April

BodyConstitution’s program in the domain of research in practice at the Grotowski Institute is aimed at people who deeply wish to recognize their acting skills in confrontation with preexpressive techniques and vocal tradition which are still being ignored or simply remain unknown as a source of actor’s material.

MITEM 2022 - Professional Programme

It is whereof one cannot speak that one must say. Round table discussion

28 April 2022, Thursday, 5 p.m. - Attila Kaszás Stage

The title of this roundtable is a famous quote by Valère Novarina which, according to the French author, turns Wittgenstein's piece of wisdom "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof must one be silent" into a more optimistic statement.


Changes in the MITEM program

Distinguished Audience!

The entire company of the National Theatre and the organisers of the forthcoming Madách Imre International Theatre Meeting were devastated to learn of the outbreak of war on 24 February. Like everyone, we hoped for a few days that the guns would soon fall silent, and that the artists and companies of the now opposing sides could come to Budapest, turning the 8th MITEM into a symbol of peace. That Madách's motto for the meeting, "Bring upon this wide world, brotherhood", can be implemented. Reality has shattered all our hopes.


A colourful programme and major artists at MITEM

"...And bring upon this wide world, brotherhood." This quote from Madách serves as the motto of the 2022 Madách International Theatre Meeting, which brings to Budapest performances from France, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Bosnia and Vietnam. This year's National Theatre showcase takes place from 20 April to 8 May. MITEM's organisers have done their best to offer Hungarian audiences a wide range of choice despite the pandemic.


Special Offer: MITEM ENGLISH

From 2015, every year we publish our English-language issue related to the events of the current MITEM events. Primarily writings of theatre creators, directors and playwrights paricipating in the meeting as well as analyses and essays appreciating the invited productions are included through whom we can see first-hand the processes taking place in the contemporary world theatre...

MITEM 2021 - Roger Salas

Robert Wilson Gives a New Light to the Oedipus of Sophocles

Few places, still silent or empty, are the theater itself, with capital letters and without any other need of the visitor than to be there, immerse themselves in a sacred and perfect space, the true peak of human creation and reverence for the millenary art of Melpomene and Thalia Andrea Palladio imagined it so at the end of the sixteenth century in the conception of the Olympic of Vicenza masterfully drawing space between the ancient walls of an old prison, and thus receives us today, with a greatness that does not overwhelm, but envelops, with a display harmonious classical forms that become the ideal cornice, the perfect framework for the theater and dance, in all its forms and styles, demonstrate their will to survive, to teach us the mirror path of the arts and its enduring value, its spokesman of the news and the farce, the tragic and the comedian. It is thrilling to think that some of the lamps of the ghostly illumination that Scamozzi designed for the Oedipus premiere in the sixteenth century have survived in part.

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