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23 May 2023, Tuesday, 3 - 4.30 pm, Kaszás Attila Hall

Theatre Pedagogy and Theatre Education Workshop

A nationwide survey conducted by the Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church Theatre Pedagogy Research Group assessed the current state of the field in spring 2023. The first results of this survey will be reported and compared with the results of a similar survey conducted 10 years earlier.

The report, aimed primarily at theatre and education professionals, will be followed by a presentation of further focal points of the research related to theatre genres for different types of institution (brick-and-mortar theatres, theatre education companies and school workshops). In addition to presenting different approaches to theatre education in practice, important research issues in the field will also be discussed.

Contributing experts: Dr. Ádám Bethlenfalvy (KRE); Dr. István Lannert Keresztély, Dr. habil. Gabriella Kiss (KRE), Dr. Ádám Cziboly (HVL, Norway), Dr. Dániel Golden (SZFE), Zsuzsa Hajós (Round Table,, Gábor Körömi (KRE-PPKE).

The proceedings of the workshop will be published in the journal Uránia in Hungarian and English.


Magyar és angol szinkrontolmácsolással / Simultaneous interpretation in Hungarian and English
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(24 March 2023)

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