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16 April 2023, Sunday, 8.30 pm, National Theatre, Main Stage

Book review - Theodoros Terzopoulos: The Return of Dionysus

Attis Theatre's performance of A Doll’s House followed by an audience meeting to present Theodoros Terzopoulos' book The Return of Dionysus, with the author. Additional participants at the book launch include András Kozma (translator) and Zsolt Antal (Deputy Rector of the University of Theatre and Film Arts, the publisher of the book, and head of the Antal Németh Institute for Drama Theory).


Theodoros Terzopoulos: The Return of Dionysus

Theodoros Terzopoulos, the world-renowned Greek director and President of the International Theatre Olympics Committee, founded the Attis Theatre in 1985. His company's first production was The Bacchantes in 1986. It was during the creation of this production that a particular working method evolved, which already contained the key elements of Terzopulos' artistic credo. His book The Return of Dionysus, published in 2015, is an illustrative and thorough account of the training method developed by the director and his actors. In presenting a Workshop that abounds in discoveries, he focuses on elementary concepts such as "breath", "energy" and "time", which for Terzopoulos are the cornerstones of the actor's physical and scenic presence. Focusing on practical work and rehearsals above all, he introduces the reader to his unique method of actor training. The forty self-awareness exercises discussed in detail are an important guide, especially for the younger generation of actors. This book, already published in many languages, will soon be available in Hungarian, translated by András Kozma and published by the SZFE.


Magyar és angol szinkrontolmácsolással / Simultaneous interpretation in Hungarian and English
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