Meet the artists: actors, directors after MITEM performances... These meetings are an opportunity for the audience to get a better insight into the making of a production and to share thoughts and experiences with each other and the artists.

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Official opening of the 8th Madách International Theatre Meeting

20.04.2022. Wednesday, 6 p.m.

 Venue: In front of the National Theatre and in the bow
(1095 Budapest, Bajor Gizi park 1.)
Opening speeches are given by: 
Péter Fekete
Ministry of Human Resources, State Secretary for Culture
Attila Vidnyánszky 
General Director of the National Theatre
Theodoros Terzopoulos
In the bow, you could see an excerpt from our upcoming production of BACCHAE. Then the MITEM flag will be raised to officially start the festival! 




(15 April 2022)

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