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21 April, Friday, 5 PM, Ballet Room

TRACES IN THE SNOW - Performance Demonstration with Roberta Carreri

An actor's artistic autobiography

Odin Teatret, Holstebro, Denmark

Every performance tells a story. The characters belonging to the world of fiction become credible reality for the spectator thanks to the actor's technique. In Traces in the Snow the technique itself becomes the protagonist. The actor carries on a dialogue with the secrets, which precede and follow the building of a character and the creation of a performance – and its process, she exposes these secrets. The tension, which characterises every drama, is also present in this performance/work demonstration, due to the confrontation between the actor’s two forms of behaviour: daily and scenic.

Roberta Carreri is an actor, teacher, writer and organiser. She was born in 1953 in Milan, Italy, where she graduated in Advertisning Design and studied Art History at the Milan State University. She joined Odin Teatret in 1974 during the group’s stay in Carpignano, Italy. Roberta Carreri has taken part in ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology) since its beginning in 1980, coming into contact with performing techniques from Japan, India, Bali and China. This has influenced her work as an actor and teacher.


(11 March 2017)

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