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Odin Theatre, Holstebro, Denmark

Eugenio Barba is one of the most important theater innovators and directors of our time. His masterclass presents the methods of creative theater composition that he has developed, offering many illuminating and thought-provoking insights. Barba is a practical figure of the theater, but one hardly finds an artist more familiar with the theoretical aspects of the art of the stage. He is a captivating presenter with an Italian temperament. János Regős will be his “voice in Hungarian,” an interpreter and conversation partner who has been prominent on several occasions and in several places in public life. They will be joined by actress Julia Varley, one of the oldest members of the company and a great master of voice and gesture on stage, as well a contributing author of several solo productions and the person who wears the legendary Mr. Peanut mask in the Odin productions.


19.04.2017. - Panoráma Room
I. part 11-13, 2. part 14:30-16:30



(11 March 2017)

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