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21-25 April, 10 A.M.-18 P.M., Panorama Room


Workshop by Thomas Richards

Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards, Pontedera, Italy

The Actor/Creator, conducted by Mr. Richards and his colleagues, will strive to unearth the creative potentialities of each participant through work on relations between precision and organicity, tradition and individual work, as well on action, movement, rhythm, singing, and the living voice. During the workshop the participants will enter in contact with the basic principals of Workcenter practice. Each participant will prepare an a c t i n g proposition prior to the start of the workshop. The acting propositions should be not longer than three minutes, and be based on either a song or a brief text, or on a text and a song.

Every acting proposition should be repeatable, with a beginning, a development and an end, like a short performance. During the workshop, according to the creative possibilities of each individual, the participants will either develop their initial propositions or work on other creative material discovered during the work sessions. Throughout the Workshop, the acting propositions will be analysed by Mr. Richards and his colleagues. The participants will also enter in contact with a specific approach to voice, impulse, and action that has been at the heart of the Workcenter’s research for thirty years. Participants will come in contact with specific ancient songs of tradition and an approach to action and singing that explores the potential impact that the melodic and rhythmical qualities of a given song can have on the person who sings. 

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(11 March 2017)

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