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28 April, Friday, 3 P.M., Entrance hall on the first hall


a roundtable discussion

One of the highpoints in the oeuvre of director Silviu Purcărete is a monumental production of Faust. In order for the production to come into being, tremendous creative energies were needed, as well as—alongside Purcărete’s permanent colleagues, the actors and actresses— the enterprising spirit of a superb manager and festival director. George Banu, a critic of international prominence, is in constant touch with the creative team. He will lead the conversation on Purcărete’s theatrical world. As he has written, “Purcărete is a free artist, who does not like to belong to any institution at all, or to nurture drawn out relationships. He travels from stage to stage all over the world, drawn by the lure of coincidental encounters, always ready to ignite a theater company and always determined to pursue his mission under the most varied conditions. Thus, he is a director who is not afraid of motion, always prepared to meet with companies he has never seen before, but also always accompanied by a faithful team of colleagues. They are inseparable. Scenographers Helmuth Stürmer and Dragoş Buhagiar and composer Vasile Şirli are all at his side, for Purcărete falls back on this core, which has developed over time. They throw themselves into the productions with inspiration, performing on stages in cities the world over, such as Saint Petersburg, Sibiu, Moscow, Porto, and Ljubljana. Purcărete is a free artist, but he is not alone.

Participants in the roundtable discussion:
critic George Banu, director Silviu Purcărete, stage designer Helmut Stürmer, composer Vasile Şirli, costumer designer Lia Manţioc, and festival director Constantin Chiriac.


(11 March 2017)

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