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MITEM 2022 - Professional programme

Theatre and Freedom - The 10th Theatre Olympics in Hungary

6 May 2022, Friday, 2 p.m., First floor lobby


Magyar és angol szinkrontolmácsolással / With simultaneous Hungarian and English translation
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In 2023, the eyes of the theatre world will be on Hungary for a good three months from Easter to Midsummer’s Day, with a slew of great performances by prominent foreign companies for audiences all over the country and an exciting programme, making this worldwide theatre event a joint celebration of Hungary’s theatre profession. Hosted by Budapest in 2023, the International Theatre Olympics is the youngest of the global theatre festivals, but it has found its own distinct profile by returning to the original Olympic ideal, i.e. putting cultural encounters before competition. As MITEM’s organisers, we share the principles that led to the founding of Theatre Olympics in 1994 by the world's great directing talents. Namely, that culture and theatre are opportunities for expressing our respect for each other, indulging our curiosity, accepting each other, and jointly celebrating our diversity.


The organisers and the representatives of Hungarian partner theatres will talk about the preparations for the Hungarian Theatre Olympics and the planned programme.  Moderator: György Lukácsy

(09 April 2022)

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