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MITEM 2022 - Professional programme

To be or to exist?

21 April 2022, Thursday, 5 p.m. Attila Kaszás Stage


Magyar és angol szinkrontolmácsolással / With simultaneous Hungarian and English translation

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Gábor Tompa  ::  photo: Zsolt Eöri Szabó

In our 'time out of joint', humankind has no shared points of reference, no shared notions, no shared truths. The youngest generation is roaming around in this confusion of Babel, trying to find truth, faith, a goal in life for itself, as it was 'born to set it right'. 

"Hamlet and his circle have a hard time confronting the establishment and uncovering truth,” says Gábor Tompa, director of the Cluj production of Hamlet. "Here’s the great dilemma of the now: what will the future of present-day teenagers and twenty-somethings be like, if this kind of global and perverted dictatorship persists? They’re more vulnerable than we were under the old regime. Back then the cards were on the table, we knew what to expect and what to do to resist – now it's more insidious.

“I think Hamlet is definitely about choosing an uncomfortable and dangerous path in today's world. Relative to the comfort provided by the world of consumption. We become less cogitating beings as we get enslaved by consumer society. Our addiction is enormous.

“I also feel that the interest in, or desire for, truth is suppressed by the consumer system, because you have to give up certain comforts if you want to follow a radical path. This group of Hamlet and friends might be a model today. For even today, there are neo-ascetic young people who are not necessarily interested in wealth and consumption, but in implementing a more equitable world order."


Round table participants: Gábor Tompa, András Both

Moderator: András Kozma

(09 April 2022)

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