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MITEM 2018 - Professional Programmes

The Artist of Vision - An exhibition by stage designer László Székely

“The experience of many decades of work has taught me two very important things that comprise my creed as an artist. An artist who is incapable of discarding or revising his previous works ceases to be an artist. The stage, I believe, is an „arena”, and the stage design is not merely a painter’s pleasure, but an integral supporting element of the production. In my creative work I seek to make the stage the very best accessory of the drama” – this is the ars poetica of stage designer László Sézékely, born in 1932 and active to this day. He has had an active part in some theatrical history milestones.

He has been the lead designer of the Katona József Theatre since its beginnings in 1982 and principal collaborator of director Gábor Székely. From 1992 to 2002 he was stage designer for the Budapest Kamaraszínház. He nurtured generation after generation of stage designers as professor and head of department of the University of Fine Arts. This exhibition at the National Theatre gathers the stage design sketches, drawings and photographs of half a century by László Székely


(27 March 2018)

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