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COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE master class for actors

12-19. April

COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE master class for actors

 - organized by the National Theatre and the National Mask Actor’s Association Ferraro Alberto’s master class offers an introduction to the world of commedia dell’arte. He begins at the beginning: he teaches participants in the course how to bring a mask to life and how to combine mimicry and text in order to act expressively and powerfully. He presents the world of traditional commedia and the ways in which to set up a canovaccio, including ways of developing characters and using the tensions between them, as well as the essential elements of a performance. Fundamentally, he examines how commedia dell’arte can be used to present a critical vision of society today. Improvisation, singing, and physical training are important elements of the course. Alberto Ferraro is a free-lance actor and teacher from southern Italy. He grew up in Venice, where he became acquainted with the world of commedia dell’arte and the art of making masks. He currently lives in Rome. He makes his own masks, and he is involved primarily with social theatre. He teaches in locations all over Europe.

Presentation open to the public at the end of the course, April 19, 16:00 in the Painter’s Studio!

(14 March 2016)

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