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Chuanju Opera Workshop – Open to the public

18. April (Monday) 4:00 pm – 7.00 pm– Kaszás Attila Stage

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm First part: Chinese theatre make-up

Facial makeup is of vital importance in the art of „Xiqu”, a traditional form of Chinese theatre. It helps create character type, build a personality, and enliven facial expressions. There is a saying: „The face is the center of dramatic expression, and the eyes are the center of facial expressions.” This explains why facial makeup is so important. The workshop will last 30 minutes. It will be a warm-up for the following workshop conducted by Ms.Shen Tiemei. Audiences are invited to see the process of applying makeup to the performers, observing them as they have their makeup done, bind their hair, and apply their hair accessories. This process of observation will gradually lead audiences into Chinese culture and give them a feeling for the art of Chuanju Opera, its style, and its uniqueness.

4:40 pm - 6:00 pm Part Two: Lecture by Ms.Shen Tiemei

1. About Chuanju Opera – A general introduction to the history of Chuanju Opera and its characteristics, as well as the international influences and achievements of the Chongqing Chuanju Opera troupe.

2. Demonstration – Ms.Shen Tiemei will give demonstration performances illustrating how to perform „Sheng”, the male roles, and „Dan”, the female roles. The demonstration will give audiences clear impressions of the skills of the performers of Chuanju Opera.

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Part three: Workshop

Together with fellow actors and actresses, Ms.Shen Tiemei will show the audience how to perform in the Chuanju style. For „Dan”, or female characters, the audience will have a chance to learn „Water Sleeve”, „Finger Play”, etc. For „Sheng”, or male characters, the audience can learn “Pleat-kicking” and „Fan-playing” skills. In the meantime, Ms.Shen Tiemei will also teach the special technique of Chuanju Opera Singing. By teaching audiences various understanding of the charms of Chuanju Opera.

(14 March 2016)

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