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Outdoor performance - FREE


Voskresinnia Theatre, Lvov, Ukraine

Director: Yaroslav Fedoryshyn

Open space performance, Nathional Theatre, in the front of the “Ship”

1 hours, without breaks.

Everything in the world has its beginning and its end. The law of life is that a human being is based on this law. Our dreams and hopes are devoured by time and it cannot be stopped. We think that everything lies ahead, as Chekhov used to tell. But it turns out that everything is behind. The cherry orchard is in blossom only once a year. It is a symbol of the beauty vanishing so quickly. It cannot be stopped, as well as time, youth and childhood. The show based on Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” makes us laugh and cry together with the characters. Time goes by and spectators think about the beauty that exists in ourselves and outside.

Awards and prizes of the performance:
The best performanceof the International Theatre Festival „La Strada” (Kalisz, Poland) - Grand Prix of the International Theatre Festival FETA (Gdansk, Poland) - The best performanceof the International Theatre Festival „Na Bruku” (Swidnica,Poland) - Golden Mask of the International Theatre Festival (Chojnice, Poland) - Golden Mace of the International Theatre Festival (Zamosc, Poland)  -  Grand Prix of the International Theatre Festival „White Tower” (Brest, Byelarus) - Golden Mask of the International Theatre Festival (Vologda, Russia)


Yaroslav Fedoryshyn, Volodymyr Hubanov, Petro Mykytyuk, Jurij Pylypchuk, Yaroslav Korniychuk, Yevheniy Petrov, Natalia Marchak, Halyna Strychak, Tetyana Tkachenko, Taras Yurychko, Volodymyr Chukhonkin

Collaborators: Krzysztof Dubiel, Serhiy Kondratovych, Alla Fedoryshyna
Composer: Vadym Khrapachov
Costume designer: Alla Fedoryshyna
Stage designer: Alla Fedoryshyna


Yaroslav Fedoryshyn

Theater's garden
Yaroslav Fedoryshyn

Yaroslav Fedoryshyn

Yaroslav Fedoryshyn artistic and managing director of Lviv Academic Voskresinnia Theatre and International Theatre Festival "Golden Lion". Graduated from Kharkiv I. Kotliarevskyi Theatre Institute (the class of Vsevolod Tsvetkov) in 1976, Moscow Institute of Theatrical Arts (the class of Anatoliy Efros) in 1990 and Warsaw Cinema School in 1991 (the class of Kshyshtov Zanussi). In 1990 he founded Lviv Theatre Voskresinnia, and in 1992 he initiated International Theatre Festival "Golden Lion", which is at present a member of the International European Theatre Meeting (IETM) and International Festivals and Evens Association (IFEA). He produced numerous street shows and festivals dedicated to important events in the life of Lviv and other cities of Ukraine.
Yaroslav Fedoryshyn is successfully working with profit and non-profit state and private organizations, being an active participant and consultant of local and state departments of the government. He is an energetic actor of social and cultural life of the country.

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