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Švejk. The return 18

Based on the play of Tatyana Rakhmanova

Švejk. The return

Alexandrinsky Theatre, Saintpetersburg, Russia

Director: Valerij Fokin

Performed in Russian with Hungarian translation.

2 hours, without breaks.

"Švejk. The return" is a new performance of the Artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, one of the leaders of the modern world directing - Valery Fokin. The literary basis of the performance - the original play by Tatyana Rakhmanova, based on the world-famous satirical novel by Yaroslav Hašek "The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk During the World War". The performance became the first stage embodiment of this play.

The novel that appeared at the very beginning of the 1920s gave one of the most famous folk heroes to the world - Švejk, a small man trying to survive in the flow of events of the First World War. The performance of Valery Fokin is a modern rethinking of this age-old history. Who is Švejk of the 21st century? An involuntary participant of many wars, embroiled in confrontation of all with everyone, still trying to survive and retain common sense in the absurd reality - today, without losing its grotesque simplicity and naivety, he becomes a real hero of our time.

The performance "Švejk. The return" is a funny story, a satire, where, however, very important questions are raised for us - about peace and war, about the relationships between the man and the state, about the personal responsibility of everyone for what is happening in the world. And the theatre is now ready to talk about the war in the caricature tradition created by Hašek and at the same time rigidly and uncompromisingly.

The performance by Valery Fokin based on the novel by Yaroslav Hašek. "The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk During the World War". The play of Tatyana Rakhmanova.

Actors and cast:

Stepan Balakshin, Yanina Lakoba, Dmitrii Buteev, Igor Volkov, Pyotr Semak, Victor Shuralev, Elena Nemzer, Olga Belinskaya, Andrey Matiukov, Anna Blinova, Valery Stepanov, Aleksander Mitzkevich, Nikolay Belin, Timur Akshentsev,  Andrey Marusin, Nikita Barsukov, Sergey Sidorenko, Sergey Elikov, Igor Mosiuk, Alexey Vasilchenko, Vladimir Malikov, Roman Gusev, Liubov Shtark, Efim Rodnev, Ivan Suprun, Daria Klimenko, Ekaterina Shumakova, Alexey Dvoeglazov, Sergey Denisov, Maksim Yakovlev


Musicians: Fhilipp Bayandin, Igor Mamai, Anton Popov
Stage designer: Simon Pastukh
Costume designer: Oksana Yarmolnik
Choreographer: Igor Kachaev
Composer: Aleksandr Bakshi
Dramaturge: Tatiana Rahmanova
Musical director: Ivan Blagoder
Light Designer: Damir Ismagilov
Video Designer: Asya Mukhina
Sound: Maksim Chikhalov
Assistant Director: Sophia Martusheva, Ekaterina Astrakhantseva


Valerij Fokin

Main Stage
Valerij Fokin

Valerij Fokin

Director and managing director, Valery Fokin has been distinguished as the People’s Artist of Russia and has been the recipient of several other state awards, both in Russia and in Poland, where he was recognized as an Honoured Art Worker of Poland. Having taught in Moscow and Krakow, he established the Meyerhold Centre in Moscow in 1991, which subsequently became one of the major contemporary art institutions of the capital, and which functioned under his leadership for approximately twenty years. At present, he is the managing director of the Alexandrinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg. Founded in 1756, the Alexandrinsky Theatre hosts a significant international festival, which is a major annual event in the life of the theatre in Russia. In 2006, Fokin was appointed member of the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Culture and the Arts of the Russian Federation, and he was given the Golden Mask Award, the highest theatre award in Russia, twice. This production of Zero Liturgy has been performed as part of MITEM.
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