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Leo N. Tolstoy

War and peace 12

War and peace

Istanbul City Theatre, Istanbul, Republic of Türkiye

Director: Aleksandar Popovski

In Turkish with Hungarian and English subtitles

3 hours 25 minutes with 1 breaks.

The year is 1805. Fashionable society lady Anna Pavlovna Scherer hosts a large gathering of fashionable members of the St Petersburg aristocracy: among them are members of the family Rostov – Ilya Rostov, his wife Natalya, children Nikolai and Natasha and niece Sonya; Vasili Kuragin and his children Helene and Anatol; young  Andrei Bolkonski, who has been recently married, and others. The main topic of the evening is the upcoming war – French Emperor Napoleon is about to enter Russia, which is going to change the country for years to come. The other point of interest is the impending death and legacy of the fabulously wealthy Count Bezukhov, who eventually leaves his vast fortune to his illegitimate son Pierre. As Napoleon enters Russia, the lives of the characters are changed for ever: Andrei wishes to distinguish himself as a soldier, Pierre is swamped with marriage proposals and eventually marries Helene Kuragina, whom he does not love. When Andrei Bolkonski, now a widower, returns from battle wounded, he falls desperately in love with young Natasha Rostova. They become engaged, but Andrei's sister Marya and father Nikolai Bolkonski force them to delay the marriage by over a year due to their disapproval. In the meantime, Nikolai Rostov and Sonya try to rekindle their childish romance; Helene is bored with her husband and takes on lovers, while Pierre is trying to find the meaning of life in the country, wrecked by death, horrors of the war and the general disillusionment with life. 

Anna Pavlovna Scherer: Ayşegül İŞSEVER
Count Ilya Rostov: Murat BAVLİ         
Countess Natalya Rostova: Defne GÜRMEN YÜKSEL 
Nicolai: Ersin BAĞCIOĞLU
Natasha: İpek UĞUZ
Sonya :Yağmur TOPÇU
Prince Vasili Kuragin: Levent ÜZÜMCÜ 
Helene: Dilara DEMİRDÜZEN
Anatole: Taha KARAKAŞ
Nicolai Bolkonski: Can BAŞAK    
Andrei: İlker Sami KILIÇ
Marya: Berfin BERBER
Bezukhov: Mutlu GÜNEY
Pierre: Nevzat Sinan TAŞTAN
Fyodor Dolokhov : Ogeday ERKUT
Napoléon Bonaparte: Mesut ÇIRAK
General Kutuzov, Tzar Aleksander: Doğan ALTINEL         
Heidi: Melisa DEMİRHAN
Soldiers and Servants: Deran ÖZGEN, Salih ŞİMŞEK, Sefa TURAN, Osman KABA 


Stage designer: Sven JONKE, Vanja MAGIĆ
Costume designer: Canan GÖKNİL
Composer: Kiril DJAIKOVSKI
Dramaturge: Başak ERZİ
Stage adaptation: Eva MAHKOVIC
Translated by Asli ÖNAL
Light Design: Osman AKTAN
Effect Design: Erhan AŞAR
Assistant Director: Juš Andraz ZIDAR
Assistant Directors: Cem BAZA, Çimen BATURALP, Yunus Erman ÇAĞLAR, Deran ÖZGEN


Aleksandar Popovski

Main Stage
Aleksandar Popovski

Aleksandar Popovski

Aleksandar Popovski was born in 1969 in Skopje. He graduated in theatre and film directing from the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje. By 2000, with his debut direction of Don Quixote at the Maribor Drama, he had already directed many successful productions with independent theatre groups and in institutional theatres in Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. From Slovenia (where he also collaborated with the Celje City Theatre, Drama Ljubljana, Slovenian Theatre in Trieste, Ljubljana City Theatre) and the former Yugoslav republics, he expanded his workspace to Italy, Greece, Austria, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, England, and Germany. His oeuvre already includes more than seventy productions, a third of which he created in Slovenia. Through his way of working and personal attitude, he brought a unique mixture of lightness and joy into the Slovene theatre space, a distinctive theatrical “joie de vivre” that radiates fervent devotion, aspiration for dreams and desire to move borders, providing space for music and laughter. As of the 2018/2019 season, he is the Maribor Drama artistic director.

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