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Anton Chekhov

The Seagull

The Seagull

Zero Point Theatre, Athens, Greece

Director: Savvas Stroumpos

Performed in Greek with Hungarian and English subtitles

1 hours 40 minutes, without breaks.

"The Seagull" is an enigmatic work of open structure. The creators need to take the risk of descending into the darkest areas of the material and then, remain amazed by the richness, multiple dimensions and complexity of Chekhov's work. Again, however, descending to the core of the material is not enough. The work needs to be "read" in such a way that allows both rooting at the core and revealing all the transversal paths of the text. In The Seagull, Chekhov invites creators to join him in the textual trajectories and throughout the adventure of mining the precious metals of the material. You can't help but listen and respond positively to this call.

Chekhov's works are works of transition. They are written at times when an entire world is about to collapse and a new world is beginning to show the first sparks of its birth. Again, however, final redemption does not come. The intricate questions about the human condition remain stubbornly unanswered. In Chekhov we see the conflict between existence and history. This conflict deregulates attitudes, perverts desire, and disengages the emotions and thoughts of persons. The question "Who am I? What am I?" that Trebliev addresses to himself as a whisper, sounds deafening and concerns all of us.

Who is the human in times of transition, where nothing can continue as it was, nothing can remain stagnant and nothing can proceed without a leap towards a utopian horizon to defend the “humaneness” inside humans?

Extracts from reviews

“With David Maltese's excellent translation from the Russian, the adaptation and direction of Savvas Stroumpos at Attis Theatre - New Space with Zero Point Theatre "launch" the "Seagull" in height […] The direction "embroidered" on the dynamics of the transformation, giving new life to the old and a flavor of the old to the new.” (Leandros Polenakis, Avgi Newspaper)

“The direction of Savvas Stroumpos, the teaching and performance of the actors (Anna Marka Bonisel - Pierrot, Yannis Karababas - Trepliev, Elpiniki Marapidi - Nina, Rosy Monaki - Arkadina, Savvas Stroumpos - Trigorin) are literally overwhelming.” (Maria Mari,

“To put it succinctly, the performance was simply amazing! The performance of the choreography-direction by Savvas Stroumpos was brilliant and the narration of the actors was excellent. The performances were spot explained Chekhov's brilliant idea vividly. A unique performance that makes the audience feel part of a "living" documentary.” (Eirini Aivaliotou,


Pierrot: Anna Marka – Bonisel
Trebliev: Yannis Sanidas
Nina: Elpiniki Marapidi
Arkadina: Rosy Monaki
Trigorin: Savvas Stroumpos

Direction – Adaptation: Savvas Stroumpos
Translation: David Malteze
Scenography – costumes: Katerina Papageorgiou
Light design: Kostas Bethanis
Sound landscape: Leonidas Maridakis
Dramaturgy: Maria Sikitano
Costumes maker: Eleni Hasioti
Construction of the scenography: Apostolos Zerdevas
Make-up: Virginia Tsichlaki
Communication: Marianna Papaki, Nondas Douzinas


Savvas Stroumpos

Kaszás Attila Stage
Savvas Stroumpos

Savvas Stroumpos

Savvas Stroumpos was born in 1979 in Athens. He graduated from the drama school of the National Theatre of Greece (2002). He has an MA with Merit from the department of Theatre Practice, University of Exeter, UK. Since 2003 he collaborates with Attis Theatre and Theodoros Terzopoulos as an actor and director’s assistant. With Zero Point Theatre he has directed: Franz Kafka In the Penal Colony (2009), William Shakespeare As You like It (2010), Albert Camus The Justs (2011), Franz Kafka Metamorphosis (2012), Georg Buchner Woyzeck (2013), Franz Kafka In the Penal Colony (2014 – 2nd version for the Athens Festival), Yevgeny Zamiatin We (2015), Heiner Muller The Mission: A memory of a revolution (2016), Dimitris Dimitriadis Troas (2017), Gyorgy Kurtag Kafka Fragments (2018), Samuel Beckett Waiting for Godot (2018), Sophokles Antigone (2019), Samuel Beckett Happy Days (2020), Franz Kafka Report to an Academy (2021), Aeschylus The Persians (2022). Since 2013 the performances of Zero Point are staged and presented in Attis Theatre – New Space.

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