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Franz Kafka

Report to an Academy 14

Report to an Academy

Zero Point Theatre, Athen, Greece

Director: Savvas Stroumpos

Performed in Greek with Hungarian and English subtitles

1 hours 10 minutes, without breaks.

The protagonist of Franz Kafka's short story "Report to an Academy" is the monkey called Rotpeter. A group of hunters of Hagenbeck Company shot him in the Golden Coast jungle as he was going with his herd to drink water. He was hit with two bullets, captured and locked in a cage of their ship. In a state of shock, having lost his memory, struggled to escape. Failing to succeed, he began to observe the sailors around him, trying to imitate their behaviour. People in turn, playing with the wild animal, began to torture it. The sailors, having accepted the oppression they themselves suffer, with characteristic comfort exercised it on an already injured and helpless wild animal. When the boat arrived in Hamburg, Rotpeter had to choose between the zoo and the musical theater. He chose the theatre. He completed his training in human behavior and now, being on stage, performs the process of his violent humanization. 


Babis Alefantis
Evelyn Assouad
Giannis Giaramazidis
Ellie Iggliz
Anna Marka - Bonissel
Rozy Monaki
Dinos Papageorgiou

Stage designer: Spiros Betsis
Costume designer: Rosy Monaki


Savvas Stroumpos

Kaszás Attila Stage
Savvas Stroumpos

Savvas Stroumpos

Savvas Stroumpos was born in 1979 in Athens. He graduated from the drama school of the National Theatre of Greece (2002). He has an MA with Merit from the department of Theatre Practice, University of Exeter, UK. Since 2003 he collaborates with Attis Theatre and Theodoros Terzopoulos as an actor and director’s assistant. With Zero Point Theatre he has directed: Franz Kafka In the Penal Colony (2009), William Shakespeare As You like It (2010), Albert Camus The Justs (2011), Franz Kafka Metamorphosis (2012), Georg Buchner Woyzeck (2013), Franz Kafka In the Penal Colony (2014 – 2nd version for the Athens Festival), Yevgeny Zamiatin We (2015), Heiner Muller The Mission: A memory of a revolution (2016), Dimitris Dimitriadis Troas (2017), Gyorgy Kurtag Kafka Fragments (2018), Samuel Beckett Waiting for Godot (2018), Sophokles Antigone (2019), Samuel Beckett Happy Days (2020), Franz Kafka Report to an Academy (2021), Aeschylus The Persians (2022). Since 2013 the performances of Zero Point are staged and presented in Attis Theatre – New Space.

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