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Karin Lednická



Těšínské divadlo, Český Těšín

Director: Radovan Lipus

Performed in Polish with Hungarian subtitles

2 hours 30 minutes with 1 breaks.

The main story of the show begins with a huge mining accident in 1894, which severely affected the lives of the inhabitants of the entire region. Among them are the heroes of this story, whose turbulent destinies we can follow for the next quarter of a century. Barbora, Julka and Ludwik are representatives of three completely different storylines, which, however, intertwine in many places and create a plastic picture of half-forgotten times, the harshness of which is almost unimaginable for today's spectator in many ways. Each of the heroes faces life's challenges in their own way: some patiently submit to them, others try to grasp the chances offered by the fermenting time. However, great history intervenes repeatedly and mercilessly in all destinies, which can easily turn the efforts of an ordinary person into dust. Or not. The story is based on real events, many of which have not yet been covered. The narration takes place at a dramatic pace and so authentically that the events before the viewer's eyes often turn into a living drama recording even what, until recently, remained hidden in the thirteenth chamber of Czech history.

Translation and adaptation: Renata Putzlacher
Set and costume design: Marta Roszkopfová
Music and musical arrangement: Dorota Barová
Stage movement: Gabriela Klusáková
Assistant director: Marcin Kaleta
Videoprojections: Roman Mrázek        



Narrator: Jan Monczka ( as a guest)

Barbara Matuszek: Malgorzata Pikus

Julka Siwek: Barbara Szotek - Stonawski

Paweł Matuszek: Tomasz Kłaptocz

Karol: Krystian Stonawski ( as a guest )

Franciszka: Katarzyna Kluz

Baśka ( child ), Genia: Mira Kłaptocz ( as a guest )    

Baśka, Woman I: Joanna Gruszka

Antoni Siwek, Miner I: Zbyšek Radek

Hanes Pospíšil, Henryk Palsz, Miner II: Grzegorz Widera

Ludwik Pospíšil, Minnik III: Kamil Mularz

Jurek Żebrok, Minnik IV: Marcin Kaleta

Tomek Żebrok, Miner V: Dariusz Waraksa

Begrok, Female II: Lidia Khrzanovna

Sophie, Woman III: Jadwiga Grygierczyk ( as a guest).

Mokroshka, Woman IV: Anna Paprzyca

Priest, Miner VI: Karol Suszka

Jarmila, Woman V: Izabela Kapias ( guest )

Jürgen Müller, Miner VII: Adam Milewski

Musician, music tutor    : Tomasz Pala ( guest )

Inspector: Anna Kaczmarska

Muffler: Iwona Bajger


Decorations, costumes and props made in the studios of the Cieszyn Theater

Head of the locksmith and modeling workshop Kristina Libosková 
Head of the tailoring workshop Karin Szostoková
Technical manager Roman Sekula
Head of the electric and acoustic studio Vladimír Rybář

Gobbi Hilda Stage
Radovan Lipus

Radovan Lipus

Radovan Lipus is theatre, television and radio director and teacher at The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague / THEATRE FACULTY (DAMU). He was born in 1966 in the Principality of Teschen. In 1992-2008 he worked as a drama director at the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre in Ostrava. Then he was the director of Švandovo Theatre in Prague until 2010. From 2010 to the present day he has been a freelancer. In the theatre world, he has been a director from Pilsen to Košice, from puppets to opera, from independent site-specific performances to the golden portals of large drama theatres (National Theatre Prague, National Theatre Brno, Theatre at Vinohrady). He has almost a hundred productions and projects to his credit, which have participated in numerous festivals and won many awards.
He is also the author and director of his own television project Noisy Cities (Šumná města), in which he participated as a scriptwriter together with David Vávra (66 episodes in total). Together they also create the series Šumné stopy - Czech architects in the world (49 episodes filmed so far). The filming of the next episodes is currently underway in Switzerland. He is the writer and director of the documentaries Popatři, co skrývá Praha 3! (2010), Sladké Modřany (2017), Vy a Vysočany (2017) and others. For many years he has also been collaborating with Czech Radio as an author and director. He is the author of several books (Scenology of Ostrava, About a Sad FactoryPostcards from the Pacific)
Radovan Lipus is an active café lounger & passive larch wrapper.

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