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Inner Voices (Le Voci di Dentro)

Inner Voices (Le Voci di Dentro)

Piccolo Teatro di Milano Teatro d’Europa / Teatro di Roma / Teatri Uniti di Napoli, Italy

Director: Servillo Toni

1 hours 50 minutes, without breaks.

Alberto Saporito lives with his brother Carlo and his uncle Nicola, who communicates only by letting off firecrackers. Alberto convinces himself that their neighbours, the Cimmaruta, have killed Aniello Amitrano. In reality Alberto simply dreamt the episode. The Cimmarutas are arrested and immediately released: in the place indicated by Alberto no trace of the body. Once home, they paradoxically begin to accuse each other. Aniello reappears, alive and well. No murder, no victim, except the faith in one another.


Toni Servillo, Peppe Servillo, Betti Pedrazzi, Chiara Baffi, Marcello Romolo, Gigio Morra, Lucia Mandarini, Vincenzo Nemolato, Marianna Robustelli, Antonello Cossia, Daghi Rondanini, Rocco Giordano, Mariangela Robustelli, Francesco Paglino


Rendezőasszisztens: Costanza Boccardi
Díszlet: Lino Fiorito 
Jelmez: Ortensia De Francesco
Világosító: Pasquale Mari
Hang: Daghi Rondanini


Servillo Toni

Main Stage
Servillo Toni

Servillo Toni

Toni Servillo was born in 1959 in Afragola, in county Naples. In 1977 he founded his theatre workshop, Teatro Studio in Caserta. He was co-founder of Teatri Uniti in 1987, where he staged and starred in many classic and contemporary plays both in Italy and abroad. In 2013 he won the prize „Le Maschere del teatro” (Theatre Mask) for his production Inner Voices (Le voci di dentro), and was awarded as the best director and best stage actor for the same performance. Toni Servillo has directed the operas of Martin y Soler, Mozart, Cimarosa, Mussorgsky, Richard Strauss, Beethoven and Rossini. Since 1991 he has worked with the most renowned Italian and internationally acclaimed directors. He has been awarded several times as an actor. His latest film, The Great Beauty (La grande bellazza) won the Golden Globe, the BAFTA and the Oscar for best foreign language film in 2014.

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