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Tata Tavdishvili & Tato Geliashvili

Imre Madách: The Tragedy of Man

Imre Madách: The Tragedy of Man

Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University, HOI Company, Tbilisi, Georgia

Director: Tato Geliashvili
, Tata Tavdishvili

1 hours 30 minutes, without breaks.

Georgia's State University of Theatre and Film comes to Budapest for the second time to present Madách's masterpiece. The Tragedy of Man Outer Space Scene was produced as part of MADÁCH PROJECT 2023 in the frame of the International Theatre Olympics in Hungary. Inspired by the Project experience, the institution decided to stage the complete work next semester, this time in the form of a full-length physical theatre production.

"The Tragedy of Man / Fall of Man" searches for the essence of life; the characters, through their actions and despite all obstacles, try to understand the main purpose of life, hope and struggle. Temptation is part of this quest, as a path to self-discovery. The plot, narrated through movement, presents the "great journey" between the motives of eternal struggle and human instincts. The characters, despite all the hardships, endeavour to comprehend the essence of struggle and hope, while fathoming utopian layers of human depths, making specific situations general, and asking questions that evoke empathy in the audience. This abstraction of the imagination traces the main guidelines of human life and creates a web of allusions, trying to solve the puzzle of being human in its own way.


Mari Engureli, Nino Nozadze, Mariam Avaliani, Liza Nikvashvili, Mariam Kipiani, Michel Zaqaidze, Anuki Bubuteishvili, Nino Khositashvili, Shoti Kiria, Demetre Chokheli, Ani Talakvadze, Kote Liparteliani, Tudebi Godwin, Nikolozi Gogidze


Director, choreographer, stage designer, costume designer: Tata Tavdishvili and Tato Geliashvili

Composer: Michél Zaqaidze

Technical assistant: Nana Bibilashvili


Tato Geliashvili

Tata Tavdishvili

Physical Theatre Performance(Non-verbal)

Gobbi Hilda Stage
Tato Geliashvili

Tato Geliashvili

Tato Geliashvili is a director, costume/set – designer, choreographer and performer actor. He is a artistic director at Cultural center in Marneuli. His professional experience is diverse, he works with various directors, as a set/costume designer  and choreographer, as well as staging performances and  in Georgia. He is a participant of many  international project in Georgia and other countries. Tata and Tato are artistic partners more than 8 years, For their performances they are making directing, Choreography , set/costume design together. 

Awards and prizes of the performance: The Best Acting Award, The Best Outstanding acting (WTEA , BEIJING CHINA, GUILIN CHINA)

Tata Tavdishvili

Tata Tavdishvili

Ta(m)ta is a director, lecturer and performer actress. For her PhD Thesis she researches the body and the improvisational movement as the most genuine and free form of conveying emotional openness. Her professional experience is diverse, she works with various directors, as an actress, as well as staging performances in Georgia, also European countries, she is a participant in numerous international projects and member of the jury of several student international theater festivals. She is a lecturer in acting and stage movement at Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University and also conducts workshops at various theater universities around the world, such as Rose Bruford College, (London, United Kingdom), Theatre Arts studio founded by Yoram Lowenstein (Tel Aviv, Israel), National Academy of Dance (Rome, Italy) and Central Academy of Drama in Beijing , china. 

In addition, she creates independent video performances, which she considers to be the best way to express her creative processes and aesthetics.

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