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Jonathan Swift – Jiří Hajdyla

Gulliver's Travels (puppet theater)

Gulliver's Travels (puppet theater)

Těšínské Theatre, BAJKA Puppet Theatre, Český Těšín, Csehország

Director: Jiří Hajdyla

Performed in Polish with Hungarian simultaneos transtation  

1 hours, without breaks.

The well-known story of a traveller, Captain Lemuel Gulliver, in new original version. Fantastic events and encounters with various beings from other worlds offer a satirical view of our everyday reality. We can look forward to incredible adventures that this ship´s doctor will experience with the small inhabitants of Lilliput, Brobdingnag giants, with the scholars on the flying island of Laputa, and finally with the wise horses of Houyhnhnms.
The literary masterpiece inspired us to play with proportions using various forms of puppets, masks and theatrical depictions. The production is inspired by an idea of meeting opinions, attitudes and customs that are distant from us is beneficial and can be fun. This idea is interpreted here clearly for the child viewer and with an overlap for the parents.


Jakub Tomoszek,
Dorota Grycz,
Ewa Kus,
Daniela Sedláčková,
Barbora Sedláčková


Stage- and costume designer: Tereza Bartůňková
Composer: Jan Čtvrtník
Light and sound designer: Roman Mračna, Vojtěch Chobot

Kaszás Attila Stage
Jiří Hajdyla

Jiří Hajdyla

Jiří Hajdyla, actor and director, born 1982 in Ostrava. Graduate of the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre in Prague. As an actor he has worked with the Husa na provázku Theatre in Brno and the Lampión Theatre in Kladno. He has been working as a director on established theatre stages since 2016. He mainly works on titles for children and youth. His directing is characterized by imaginative, imaginative and combining the principles of puppet and classical theatre. Among his most notable directorial works are:
T. de Fombelle, A. Cisařovská, J. Hajdyla: Až na dřeň (based on the book Tobias Lolness, 2016, Theatre X10, Prague),
Salman Rushdie: Haroun and the Sea of Stories (2019, FX Šaldy Theatre, Liberec),
J. Verne 20000 Leagues Under the Seas (2020, Lampión Theatre, Kladno),
Z. Svěrák and J. Uhlíř: Operky (2022, Radost Theatre, Brno)
V. Nezval: Valérie a týden divů (2023, West Bohemian Theatre in Cheb).

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