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Olzhas Zhanaidarov



Mazhit Gafuri Bashkir State Academic Drama Theatre, Ufa, Bashkir Republic

Director: Ajrat Abusahmanov

Bashkir with Hungarian subtitles

1 hours 30 minutes, without breaks.

Szinopszis / Plot

"A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic."

(Erich Maria Remarque: "The Black Obelisk")


"I am interested in human life with its searching, its hopes, futility, pain, love and weakness. I am interested in living reality with all its indecipherable diversity."

(Olzhas Zhanaidarov)


The plays of the young Kazakh playwright Olzhas Zhanaidarov, who became a cult figure at age 35, have been staged in many theatres in Russia and abroad. Of the six plays the author has written so far, especially "Dzhut" (2013) has attracted the attention of Kazakh theatres. This is understandable, since Dzhut deals with the famine of the 1930s in Kazakhstan. The author said he had long wanted to address this tragic period for the Kazakh people, since the subject hardly ever appears in contemporary literature. 

The documentary play "Dzhut" has two parallel storylines. The first is set in present-day Moscow and centres on the dialogue between Yerbol, the granddaughter of famine victims in Kazakhstan, and Yelena, a journalist in the capital. The second storyline takes us back to the 1930s, when the country was in the grip of famine and Akhmet and Saule's family were suffering a terrible tragedy. "The Kazakh part is in Bashkir, the Moscow part is in Russian," says Ayrat Abushakhmanov, director of the play and Principal Director of the theatre.

Directed by: Airat Abushakhmanov , Merited Artist of the Bashkir Republic

Stage designer: Albert Nesterov, Merited Artist of the Bashkir Republic, winner of the Russian National Theatre Award "Golden Mask" (2015).

Composer: Ilshat Yakhin, Merited Artist of the Bashkir Republic.

Choreographer: Sulpan Askarova, Merited Artist of the Bashkir Republic.

Consultant: Marat Kulsharipov, Doctor of History, Professor



Akhmet: Fanis Rakhmetov, winner of the "S. Babich State Youth Award" of the Bashkir Republic.

Saule: Rimma Kagarmanova, Merited Artist of the Bashkir Republic.

Yerbol: Khurmatulla Utyashev, National Artist of the Russian Federation and the Bashkir Republic, winner of the S. Yulaev State Prize of the Bashkir Republic, recipient of the Order of Salavat Yulaev.

Lena: Milena Ishaieva, Gulmira Ismagilova

Waitress: Gulmira Ismagilova, Milena Ishaieva


Ajrat Abusahmanov

Gobbi Hilda Stage
Ajrat Abusahmanov

Ajrat Abusahmanov

Actor, director, Merited Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan, State Prize-winning theatre-maker. Born in 1974 in Ufa, capital of the Republic, Russian Federation, he studied at Ufa Art College and the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. He worked as a director at the New Drama Theatre in Moscow, then joined the company of Mazhit Gafuri Bashkir Academic Drama Theatre in Ufa, where he was an actor from 1995 to 1998, a full-time director from 2003-2004 and 2012-2019, and a principal director from 2005-2012. He has been the theatre's principal director since 2019. His productions have participated in numerous theatre festivals in Bashkortostan, Russia and abroad and have won many prestigious creative awards.

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