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Danilo Kiš



Novi Sad Theatre, Novi Sad, Serbia

Director: Aleksandar Popovski

Performed in Hungarian with English subtitles.

1 hours 35 minutes, without breaks.

“...And the revolution will no longer eat its own children, just give birth to them one at a time, as the poet would say with legs spread over the grave, therefore the need for ever more graves, and the soul weeps when it is over, because there is nothing left to fight for, legs will stumble, the hands holding the weapons will falter, songs are silent, there is only the caw of the crows in the majestic graveyard of revolutions.”(Verebes Ernő)

Ever since its publication in 1976, A tomb for Boris Davidovich has been regarded one of the key volumes of Yugoslav literature. The theme of the novella painting an eerie world reminiscent of Borges operates with facts and a lack of them, exploring the impossibility of writing biographies.

Boris Davidovich is a revolutionary, but his persona is elusive and slippery, the self-contradicting high  points of his mysterious biography peppered by tales of heralds, misconceptions, legends, acts of terror and walnut-sized bombs.

In the direction of Aleksandar Popovski, the sterile stage has but one organising principle: the funeral, the road to the mass grave or maybe tomb. The background for this Kaddish is an age that is more than an age of revolution: it hints to the entirety of history, with its bean cans, umbrellas and red carpets.

It is an ironic oratory layered within Matryoshka dolls.



Crnkovity Gabriella, Elor Emina, Ferenc Ágota, Giricz Attila, Gombos Dániel, Huszta Dániel, Kőrösi István, Krizsán Szilvia, László Judit, Mészáros Árpád, Német Attila, Pongó Gábor, Sirmer Zoltán


Adaptation by the novel: Verebes Ernő, m. v.
Music: Marjan Nećak, m. v.
Set designer: Alekszandar Popovszki, m. v.
Costume designer: Snežana Pešić Rajić, m. v.
Light: Majoros Róbert
Sound: Bíró Tibor
Mask: Bojana Radović
Prompter,stage maneger: Bíró Alekszandra
Photo: Srđan Doroški


Aleksandar Popovski m.v.

Gobbi Hilda Stage
Aleksandar Popovski

Aleksandar Popovski

Aleksandar Popovski was born in 1969 in Skopje. He graduated in theatre and film directing from the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje. By 2000, with his debut direction of Don Quixote at the Maribor Drama, he had already directed many successful productions with independent theatre groups and in institutional theatres in Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. From Slovenia (where he also collaborated with the Celje City Theatre, Drama Ljubljana, Slovenian Theatre in Trieste, Ljubljana City Theatre) and the former Yugoslav republics, he expanded his workspace to Italy, Greece, Austria, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, England, and Germany. His oeuvre already includes more than seventy productions, a third of which he created in Slovenia. Through his way of working and personal attitude, he brought a unique mixture of lightness and joy into the Slovene theatre space, a distinctive theatrical “joie de vivre” that radiates fervent devotion, aspiration for dreams and desire to move borders, providing space for music and laughter. As of the 2018/2019 season, he is the Maribor Drama artistic director.

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