Meet the artists: actors, directors after MITEM performances... These meetings are an opportunity for the audience to get a better insight into the making of a production and to share thoughts and experiences with each other and the artists.

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26 May 2023, Saturday, 5PM, First floor lobby

Introductory programme to Stories from the Mahabharata - mask painting and dressing up

The audience will be able to follow live the process of mask painting and dressing up of Kathakali actors until 8:30 PM in the so-called "Green room".

The Stories from Mahabharata is an Indian classical dance-theatre in Kathakali style, which will start from 9PM on the Main Stage. The performance will last 7 and half hours so it will end at 4:30 AM on the 27th at sunrise. The performance will be followed by the Kelikottu, the traditional sun salutation ritual, in which the Kathakali drummers will give a short concert (with a small breakfast) and the musicians will present a song to greet Surya, the ancient sun god of Hindu mythology. 


(27 April 2023)

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