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Exhibitions during MITEM

The World of Purcărete - An Exhibition of Photographs by Silviu Purcărete

The exhibition of photographs by Silviu Purcărete was organized for the first time in 2015 in the entrance hall to the Bucharest National Theatre on the occasion of the opening of the Romanian National Theatre Festival (RNTF). In the photographs, Purcărete, who as a theatre director has traveled the world, invites us to join him for a journey. He shares moments he has captured, stories caught in a single gesture, explosive energies, and the tense energy of past and present side by side.

Marina Constantinescu, the director of RNTF, invites us to join her: “Step this way into the world of Silviu Purcărete! It is a world of drama, refinement, poetry, and passion, full of excerpts from fantastic stories. He looks around with surprise and humility. Silviu Purcărete’s captivating images whisper secrets to us about the story of a great artist.”


(04 March 2019)

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