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The Tempest

By William Shakespeare

The Tempest

Teatro Stabile di Torino- Teatro Nazionale, Torino, Italy

Director: Alessandro Serra

Performed in Italian with Hungarian and English subtitles

1 hours 35 minutes, without breaks.

In The Tempest, everyone seeks to seize, consolidate or increase their power. The Supernatural appears precisely when Prospero forsakes it and renounces using it as a weapon. But Shakespeare seems to imply that the supreme power lies in the power of the Theatre. The Tempest is a hymn to theatre delivered by the theatre. Its magical powers lie precisely in this unique and one-time opportunity to experience metaphysical dimensions thanks to a company of boorish comedians treading wooden boards, making do with just a few props and a handful of patched together costumes. Therein lies its age-old fascination: everything happens before our eyes, everything is real and yet so clearly simulated, but, above all, this superhuman power only occurs if an audience is  willing to listen and see, imagine, and share the silence to create the ritual. People will always have a longing for the Theatre because it remains the only place where human beings can exercise their right to an act of magic. / Alessandro Serra



Andrea Castellano, Vincenzo Del Prete, Salvo Drago, Massimiliano Donato, Jared McNeill, Chiara Michelini, Maria Irene Minelli, Valerio Pietrovita, Massimiliano Poli, Marco Sgrosso, Marcello Spinetta, Bruno Stori


Translation and adaptation | Alessandro Serra 
collaboration to the lights | Stefano Bardelli
collaboration to the sounds | Alessandro Saviozzi
collaboration to the costumes | Francesca Novati
Mascks | Tiziano Fario
language consultancy | Donata Feroldi
Production | Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale / Teatro di Roma / Teatro Nazionale, Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione / Sardegna Teatro /
Festival D’Avignon | MA scène nationale – Pays De Montbéliard
in collaboration with | Fondazione I Teatri Reggio Emilia / Compagnia Teatropersona

Direction, scenes, lights, sounds, costumes

Alessandro Serra

Main Stage
Alessandro Serra

Alessandro Serra

Director, playwrighter, set designer, light designer. In 1999 he founded the Compagnia Teatropersona, with which he staged his works presented in many European countries, as well as in Asia, South America, Russia and the United Kingdom. He has received numerous prizes and acknowledgements, including the UBU Award for Best Play and the Le Maschere del Teatro Italiano Award for Best Stage Designer and Best Show for MACBETTU. The Hystrio Prize for Director and the Grand Prix "Golden Laurel Wreath Award" as Best Director (MESS Festival -Sarajevo).


Portrait of the director: ©FiorenzoNiccoli
Performance images: ©Alessandro Serra

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