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Juha Joleka

The fundamentalist

The fundamentalist

Teatro de Babel, Mexico City, Mexico

Director: Ignacio García

In Spanish, with English and Hungarian subtitles

1 hours 50 minutes, without breaks.

Marcos, a.k.a. “The scandal priest”, is a famous pastor and author of a series of books that try to renew the faith of the new generations in the church. Suddenly Heidi, the girl he stopped seeing twenty years ago and with whom he maintained a close friendship during her youth, returns to his life. She belongs to the group Christians of the Church of the Living Word and is determined to sway him from the “road to hell” that Marcos exposes himself to by publishing the books. During the play, Marcos attempts to redeem Heidi from what he considers dangerous fanaticism, while Heidi attempts to redeem Marcos from what she believes to be an exercise in blind and incongruous pride. While trying to save each-other, they fall passionately in love, which changes their lives without seemingly saving either of them.




Marcos: Luís de Tavira 
Heidi: Aurora Cano 

Stage designer: Sergio Villegas
Costume designer: Edyta Rzewuska
Dramaturge: Aurora Cano
Lighting and video of the performance Raul Munguía
Assitant director: Jorge Valdivia
Stage assistant: Odett Méndez
Executive producer of Teatro de Babel: Jennifer Soler

General Producer: Raul Munguia

Gobbi Hilda Stage
Ignacio García

Ignacio García

A graduate in stage direction of the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Madrid, he has taken part in 14 of the 20 last editions of the festival as a director and composer.

During his career, he has received many awards, including the ADE (Association of Stage Directors of Spain) Premio José Luis Alonso for young directors, and won the first stage creation contest organized by Teatro Real de Madrid. His work as director and stage manager is remarkable, he has a thorough understanding of the Festival of Almagro and a long track record in promoting the Spanish Golden Age fund. He directed stage performances based on the texts of Calderón de la Barca, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Antonio Hurtado de Mendoza, Francisco de Quevedo, Juan Del Encina, José María Rodríguez Méndez, León Felipe, José Luis Alonso de Santos, Ernesto Caballero, Max Aub, León Felipe and José Saramago, among others, in theatres and at festivals with national theatre companies from Spain, Europe and Latin America. He was artistic director of the Teatro Español de Madrid and programmer of the Festival Internacional de Dramaturgia Contemporánea Dramafest of México. He successfully collaborated, among many others, with the ‘Gran Teatro Nacional de Perú’, ‘Teatro Nacional de Bogotá’, and ‘Compañía Nacional de Teatro de México’.

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