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Anna Steller

Performing Poland – Transportation 16

Performing Poland – Transportation

The Grotowski Institute

Director: Anna Steller

1 hours, without breaks.

Performance by Anna Steller Transportation as defined by the cultural anthropologist Richard Schechner is a process in which one enters into an experience, is affected or touched by it, then abandoned and once again brought back to the beginning of the process. In the performance I relate to events in the past as well as to states in the present, trying to face them from another perspective in order to experience a state of exaltation, balancing on the edge of what is real and what is pretend, of being in a trance while simultaneously being oneself and creating a dialogue with the audience at the same time.

Anna Steller

Adam Witkowski


Anna Steller

Artus Contemporary Art Studio, Budapest
Anna Steller

Anna Steller

Anna Steller – dancer, performer and choreographer. She began performing on stage in 1993 at Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre, with which she has collaborated ever since. She has been creating dance performances, action-performances and site-specific performances for many years. Anna Steller collaborates with many choreographers, directors and visual artists, such as: Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz, Anna Królikiewicz, Anita Wach, Maciej Salamon, Ramona Nagabczyńska, Tomek Bazan, Nigel Charnock, Rebecca Lazier. Since 1993, she has been dancing at Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre in Gdańsk. In 2005, she co-founded the group Good Girl Killer, which she currently forms with Magda Jędra.
As a performer, she focuses mainly on the clarity of her message, on radical artistic solutions. She is interested in working in a duo, in working with an artist with different areas of interest, in negotiating the field of art, from which a new, fresh quality is born. The interdisciplinarity of dance and performing arts is an area she has been exploring for years in an attempt to understand and communicate important content and concepts to the public.
She has presented her work among others at the Art Stations Foundation in Poznań, Maat Festival in Lublin, Malta Festival in Poznań, L1 Contemporary Dance Festival in Budapest, Body-Mind Warsaw, Open’er Festival in Gdynia, Four Days and Festival of Naked Form in Prague.
Anna Steller is a winner of various scholarships and awards, including Dance Web at the ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna, the Visegrad Fund Scholarship, the Special Award of the Marshal of the Pomorskie Region for outstanding merits in the field of artistic creation and the Award of the President of the City of Gdańsk for Young Creators for the performance “Good Girl Killer”. In 2014, she was a scholarship holder of the Alternative Dance Academy at the Art Stations Foundation in Poznań. She has twice received a scholarship from the Polish Minister of Culture.


Anna Steller. phot. Michal Andrysiak

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