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Monika Wachowicz

Performing Poland – Crumbs 16

Performing Poland – Crumbs

The Grotowski Institute

45 minutes, without breaks.

Crumbs was born after Monika Wachowicz met female inmates of a detention centre in Katowice, where the artist performed her first original solo piece, V. This experience remained so vivid in Wachowicz’s mind that she decided to ‘run it through herself’ again: this time in silence and equipped with the emotions she experienced during the street protests of the Polish Women’s Strike in October.

Monika Wachowicz


Words: Marcin ’Cozer’ Markiewicz

Conception, performance and installation: Monika Wachowicz

Collaborator: Jaroslaw Fret

Fryderyk Chopin, „Ballada g-moll op. 23”, piece of Murcof group song arranged by Mirosław Matyasik and white noise from inside the uterus.


Monika Wachowicz

Artus Contemporary Art Studio, Budapest
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