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Macbeth 16

based on a novel of William Shakespeare


Chorus Repertory Theatre, Imphal, India

Director: Ratan Thiyam

Performed in manipuri with Hungarian and English subtitles

1 hours 40 minutes, without breaks.


Macbeth: Somo
Lady Macbeth: Chingkheinganbi
Banquo: Robindro
Duncan: Rocky
Macduff: Premjit
Malcolm: Tarpan
Donalbain: Lokendro
Lennox/Captain: Sanajaoba
Fleance: Dipak
Soldiers: Jialasana, Lokendro, Rocky
Witches/Maids: Umabati, Sachi, Dolly, Reena
Nurses: Umabati, Sachi, Reena, Dolly, Sonika, Indu, Ahanjao
Attendants of Lady Macbeth: Dolly, Reena


Stage designer: Kunjeshor, Ahanjao
Costume designer: Somo, Kunjeshor, Sachi
Stage Manager: Jilasana Meetei
Asst. Stage Manager: Tarpan
Lighting Assistants: Angoutombi, Thawai Thiyam
Music Assistants: Tomba, Basanta, Deepak
Production Manager: Ibomcha Sorok
Publicity and Administration: Dolendro
Assistant Director: Thawai Thiyam


Ratan Thiyam

Gobbi Hilda Stage
Ratan Thiyam

Ratan Thiyam

Born in 1948, Ratan Thiyam is a writer, director, designer, musician, painter and actor. In 1971, he enrolled at the National School of Drama in Delhi and gained a reputation as a powerful director and actor. He later served as the president of the same school from 2013-2017. The Chorus Repertory Theatre, which he founded in 1976, is one of India's most renowned contemporary theatre companies. Its home base of Manipur State in the northeasternmost region of India has since become an international center for contemporary theatre. He is an International Committee member of the Theatre Olympics and was artistic director of the 8th Theatre Olympics.

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