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Conchi León

Emiliano Zapata's women 12

Emiliano Zapata's women

Compañía Nacional de Teatro de México, Mexico City, Mexico

Director: Conchi León

In Spanish, with English and Hungarian subtitles

1 hours 20 minutes, without breaks.

Emiliano Zapata´s Women (Las mujeres de Emiliano) is a playful project that involves fictional women around this Mexican Revolution hero. Emiliano Zapata´s image is built (or destroyed) via a series of feminine voices that assuredly knew him: the midwife who attended his birth, his mother, his sister, and one of his lovers; all of them painting an intimate image of “The Atilla of the South”. A wide range of other characters from the authorities who persecuted the caudillo, his comrades-in-arms, and Emiliano Zapata himself are invited, too.


Judith Inda *

Karla Camarillo *

Conchi León


* Members of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature´s National Theatre Company permanent cast. 


Stage designer: Kay Pérez
Costume designer: Adriana Pérez Solís
Choreographer: Oswaldo Ferrer
Composer: Edwin Tovar
Playwright & stage direction: Conchi León
Direction assistant, Choreography & Movement: Oswaldo Ferrer
Light design: Melisa Värish
Costume design: Adriana Pérez Solís
Video: Kay Perez
Original music: Edwin Tovar
Producer: Karina Riverón
Tour manager: Luis Rivera

General Producer: Raul Munguia


Conchi León

Kaszás Attila Stage
Conchi León

Conchi León

Conchi León (Mérida, Yucatán, 1973) is a playwright, actress, stage director and teacher. She has been awarded for her plays that stand up for family, traditions, women´s life, and Maya culture. Her outstanding works include Mestiza Power, Cachorro de León (Lion Cub), La tía Mariela (Aunt Mariela), Del manantial al corazón (From the Spring to the heart). Her plays have been staged in the United States, Spain, Perú, and Argentina.

She was the beneficiary of the FONCA – The Lark Play Development Center program in 2012 in New York City, and is a member of the National Art Creators System, as well as founder of the Sa´as Tún Theater Company. She has worked as a columnist theatre critic for the Milenio Yucatan newspaper and has been writing for important theatrical research magazines such as Centro Dramático Nacional (National Dramatic Center) of Spain and Paso de Gato of Mexico.

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