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Albert Camus

Caligula 16


Ivan Franko National Drama Theater, Kyiv, Ukraine

Director: Ivan Urivszkij

The performance is cancelled.

1 hours 30 minutes, without breaks.

"Caligula" by A. Camus is one of the most significant plays of the 20th century, that is about the absolute power of a dictator as absolute Evil, which inevitably generates madness, chaos and death. This is the story of a bloody ancient tyrant, which was reinterpreted by Camus in an existentialist manner. After the death of his beloved, the Roman emperor goes mad with grief and decides to establish a "kingdom of absolute freedom" on the way to which he spares no one. To implement this, the emperor has unlimited power. Caligula defies logic, fate, the world order... Instilling fear and hatred in the courtiers, he slowly but steadily incites them to murder, becoming the director of his own death. The authors of the play ask the question: what will happen to a person if he identifies himself with God; what will happen if he believes that there is neither good nor evil?.. In making sense of Camus's intellectual drama, they avoided any historical or social contexts. However, the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine changed certain accents in the play about the path of self-destruction of the Roman emperor-dictator. Maybe now in the ascetic metal space, the audience will see the story of the modern maniac Caligula?




Caligula / Oleksandr Rudynskyi
Caesonia / Kseniia Basha
Helicon / Olena Khokhlatkina
Scipio / Akmal Hurezov
Cherea / Roman Yasinovskyi


Stage designer: Petro Bogomazov
Costume designer: Tetiana Ovsiichuk


Ivan Urivszkij

Gobbi Hilda Stage
Ivan Urivszkij

Ivan Urivszkij

Ivan Uryvskyi – Ukrainian theater director, one of the most prominent theatre directors in Ukraine, Honoured Artist of Ukraine. Born in 1990 in Kryvyi Rih. Graduated Kyiv National Ivan Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University, majoring in stage direction. Since 2020 is employed as a director at the Ivan Franko National Theatre in Kyiv, before that – chief director of the Vasyl Vasylko Odessa Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre. His first performances immediately gained attention, and today Uryvskyi is recognized as one of the most talented young theatre directors in Ukraine. He created numerous performances at the theatres of Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, and Kaunas, Lithuania. The vast majority of his shows were created on the basis of classical literary texts. Including: A. Camus: Caligula, 2022; H. Ibsen: Peer Gynt, 2021; T. Williams: A Streetcar Named Desire, 2020; A. Strindberg, C. Gozzi, N. Gogol, F. Crommelynck, and Ukrainian classics by I. Franko: The Fortuneless Maiden, 2021; P. Myrnyi: Lymerivna, 2019; O. Kobylianska: Earth 2022; and M. Kotsyubynskyi. His shows were featured and several international festivals in Hungary and Poland. Uryvskyi uses the literary work only as a skeleton, a foundation for his own conception, and always finds new ways to adapt the known classic plots. His performances have received numerous artistic awards and festival prizes, and in 2019, the director was honoured with the highest award of theatrical art in Ukraine, the Les Kurbas Prize. In 2022 he was nominated for Taras Shevchenko National Prize, the highest artistic award in Ukrain.

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