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White Marriage (Białe małżeństwo)

White Marriage (Białe małżeństwo)

Maska Teatr, Rzeszów, Poland

Director: Zhiugzhda Oleg

2 hours, without breaks.

Does physicality mean brutishness? Is it possible to renounce it altogether? Does “culture” have the right to deceive itself by harnessing its own nature? Does not one of these spheres get far too much hold of us by denying the other? The play portrays Bianka as she looks back on her youth and on her struggles with her awakening sexuality. Tadeusz Rózewicz’s piece unites melodrama and farce, naivety and conceit, sensitivity and rudeness, and expresses the heroes’ mentality through the looking glass of cynicism that is so typical of our age.


Pauline - Ewa Mrówczyńska
Bianka - Marta Bury
Beniamin - Kamil Dobrowolski
Anya / Mother - Kamila Korolko
Apa / Father - Tomasz Kuliberda
Bika (Bull) / Apa (Father) - Tomasz Kuliberda
Nagynéni / Aunt - Malgorzata Szczyrek
Keresztapa / Grandfather - Henryk Hryniewicki
Szakácsnő / Dinner Lady ( Cook) - Emilia Sulej
Szolgálólány / Maidservant - Natalia Zduń


Zhiugzhda Oleg

Gobbi Hilda Stage
Zhiugzhda Oleg

Zhiugzhda Oleg

Oleg Zhiugzhda, Belarusian theatre director, was born in 1961 in Vilnius, Lithuania. He graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Arts in the course of “puppet theatre actor” in 1983, then worked as an actor in Mogilev puppet theatre. He works as a puppet theatre director since 1987.
He graduated from the puppet theatre directing department St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy in 1990. He made his debut in drama theatre in 1995 and since then he occasionally directs performances in drama theatres of Belarus; he also works as a scenographer and a playwright without leaving the puppet theatre. He’s a laureate and participant of the International theatre festivals and International puppet theatre festivals of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Italy, Bulgaria, Norway, Poland, Croatia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

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