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Harlequin, Refined by Love (Arlequin poli par l’amour)

Harlequin, Refined by Love (Arlequin poli par l’amour)

Compagnie La Piccola Familia, France

Director: Jolly Thomas

1 hours 30 minutes, without breaks.

A poetic rock-performance of Marivaux’s early piece that has never been staged in Hungary before, directed by the new daredevil of French theatre, Thomas Jolly.

A fairy falls in love with the handsome boy, Arlequin. Blinded by her emotions, the fairy beauty fails to measure the boy’s ignorance and the shortcomings of his education. She does all she can to make herself desired, but underestimates the power of first love’s innocence that binds Arlequin to a shepherdess who lives nearby.

„Arlequin’s character embodies the right to existence. A right that has since become an emblem of the theatre. Shouting out loud that we are alive, we are here and claim our freedom.” Thomas Jolly


Arlequin - Romain TAMISIER,
A tündér / The Fairy - Julie BOURICHE,
Silvia - Charlotte RAVINET,
A pásztor / The Shepherd - Romain BROSSEAU,
Az unokatestvér / The Cousin - Taya SKOROKHODOVA,
Trivelin - Rémi DESSENOIX 


Rendező, díszlet: Thomas JOLLY


Produkció: La Piccola Familia
Koprodukció: Centre dramatique régional de Haute-Normandie / Théâtre des Deux Rives


- ODIA Normandie / Office de Diffusion et d’Information Artistique de Normandie.
- Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication / DRAC Haute-Normandie

A Piccola Familia támogatója:
DRAC Haute-Normandie, Région Haute-Normandie, Ville de Rouen, Département de Seine Maritime.


Jolly Thomas

Gobbi Hilda Stage
Jolly Thomas

Jolly Thomas

Thomas Jolly was born in 1982, and was enchanted by the theatre at the age of 11. He studied at the University of Caen, then at the Theatre Academy of Rennes. He created his first performance, Mariana,  based on a nun’s letters, in 2004, then in 2005 he directed Jean-Luc Lagarce’s Photography. He played in Jean Genet’s Splendid’s and in Cédric Gourmelon’s production simultanously, then appeared in Fausto Paravidino’s Peanuts directed by Stanislas Nordey. After his graduation he founded his own company, La Piccola Familia, and in 2007 he directed the first vesion of Marivaux’s Arlequin, Refined by Love. In 2009 he won the audience prize of the Impatience Festival, which was hosted by the Odeon Theatre. In 2011 he staged Mark Ravenhill’s Pool (no water). His eiteen-hour long production of Shakespeare’s Henry VI was the main attraction of the Avignon Theatre Festival in 2014.

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