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DOG’S CAGE. View from the top. Bottom view.

DOG’S CAGE. View from the top. Bottom view.

DAKH Centre of Contemporary Art, Ukraine

Director: Vlad Troitskyi

2 hours.

Sunflowers pray. Thunder reads the Bible on the cloud... Poplar whispers: your cry is terrible, Isaiah! 
Sunflowers pray. Hunger; mother kills the baby... Poplar screams: this is my paradise, Isaiah!"

Vasyl Barka

"Dog’s Cage" is a play and a cry based on extracts of various works which resonate with historical events that took place and are still happening in Ukraine now. 
Choirs, prayers, pleas from the tragedy "Oedipus Rex" translated by Ivan Franko reflect the state of the oppressed people, abandoned by God. Depressed, he seeks the truth and God in this world... 
Why do people come into this world? Why do terrible things happen? Who is responsible for human suffering? What kind of sin must people atone? These and other questions constantly recur in the mind of those who seek liberation from bondage...


Jevhen Balj, Vaszil Bilousz, Natalka Bida, Makszim Gyemszkij, Tatjana Havriljuk, Roman Jaszinovszkij, Ruszlana Hazsipova, Vira Klimkovecka, Szolomija Melnyik, Szemjon Mozgovij, Andrij Palatnij, Nyikita Szkomorohov, Tetjana Vaszilenko, Visnya, Zo


Zeneszerző: Vlad Troickij, Roman Jaszinovszkij, Szolomija Melnyik

Gobbi Hilda Stage
Vlad Troitskyi

Vlad Troitskyi

Vladyslav Troitskyi was born in Ulan-Ude, Russia, 1964. He graduated at the Radio Technician faculty of Kiev Polytechnic Institute in 1987, and finished post-graduate course at Kiev Polytechnic Institute in 1990. In 2002 he received his diploma in acting and directing at the Russian Theatre Art Academy in Moscow. Troitskyi is the founder, director and art director of DAKH Centre of Contemporary Arts, where he directed more than 35 performances. In 2004 he founded the “DakhaBrakha” ethno-chaos band, and in 2007 he launched an audio-visual-theatre-literature-philosophic art project: Festival of Contemporary Art "GogolFest". He is also founder of the Dakh Daughters Band.

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