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Christian Paccoud: The Moon in Calling (Cancelled)

Christian Paccoud: The Moon in Calling (Cancelled)

National Theatre, Budapest, Hungary

When Christian Paccoud starts singing accompanied by his PIERMARIA accordion, we feel that we are on the top of a volcano that is just about to erupt. He is a productive and popular lyricist and composer, who has never had the intention to become a star. The French singer, just like Tamás Cseh or Vladimir Visocky, is one of those poet-songwriters who can tune our ears to the weeping, dream-like piano melodies of the poor and to the lively tango music of the rebels. His songs present everyday life, served with a wry sense of humour, mingled with irony and self-reference, taking us into the atmosphere of Parisian dance-halls.
“Perhaps I am here to bring light where there is none. To the people. Light can be found everywhere: in a hospital, in a prison, in the studio of a painter, among deserters and refugees, but also in the pub on the corner.” (Christian Paccoud)
Kaszás Attila Stage
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