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Géza Szőcs



Northern Theatre of Satu Mare, Harag Gyögy Company - Romania

Director: Sardar Tagirovsky

Performed in Hungarian with English subtitles

3 hours 40 minutes with 2 breaks.

“This play by Géza Szőcs is a historical insight into the collective European and global conscience. It brings historical reality into focus through the fictitious lens of Rasputin. This fiction appears to be the last refuge for a passionate survival in the apocalyptic forest of mankind. It has this childlike desire for world peace, for a situation without killing each other in wars and in society. In the world we create here, all the poetry flirts with reality. All the desires dance with surrender, and all the deeds with philosophy. This drama is just like our contemporary image of Rasputin has become: divine and infinitely human, and at the same time, horrendously historical. It is because the both sacred and sinful figure of Rasputin is incomprehensible. His power is not of the kind that emperors, kings or tsars have, but like the enchanting look of players and swindlers.

I often imagine what it would have been like had there not been so many deaths during the 20th century. What my grandparents, the friends and relatives of my great-grandparents who did not survive the hard times could have been like. There was no end to these people’s painful cries in the last century or even in ours. Or even last year. This year. I always believed that we as human beings are able to hear those lost voices through our imagination and empathy. Sometimes, it is not about how exactly something has happened… The point is not how precisely we can reconstruct history, but how we live our truth or truths.

There are as many truths as people and nations, all slightly different. Through the dramatic figure and journey of Rasputin, one can discover the daily, historical and universal truth of extinct eras and characters, and one can relate to people never known. This show will be also a commemoration of all the innocents or people who would never have used weapons, if they had had the choice.” (Sardar Tagirovsky)

(Photographer: Károly Süveg)


Archangel: Johanna Bándi, Barbara Bogár, Evelyn Budizsa, Ágnes Gál, Éva Kovács, Tekla Laczkó, Zita László, Kati Méhes, Stella Rappert-Vencz Guseva
a 18-20 year old girl: Johanna Bándi 
G. J. Rasputin, 45 years old: Gábor Rappert-Vencz 
Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia, 46 years old: Gyula Gaál 
George V, King of the United Kingdom, 49 years old: Gergő Frumen 
Wilhelm II, German Emperor: Zsolt Orbán 
Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary: Mihály Zákány 
Styopa, 25 years old: Attila Zsolt Péter 
Madam, 60 years old: Éva Kovács 
Loulou, 16-17 years old: Evelyn Budizsa 
Gavrilo Princip, 20 years old: Nándor Poszet 
Valet: Sándor Varga 
Waitress: Barbara Bogár 
Marcel Proust: Gyula Gaál 
Prince Felix Yusupov, 25 years old: Zsolt Orbán 

Set- and costume design, makeup: Anna Kupás 
Dramaturge and lighting design: Sardar Tagirovsky 
Composer: László Bakk-Dávid 
Musical director: Annamária Manfrédi 
Performance and assistant dramaturge: Réka Pável  
Lighting design and assistant director: Dániel Székhelyi 
Assistant dramaturge and assistant composer: Bálint Szigeti 
Makeup: Blanka Moldován 
Stage manager: Ritta Szabó 

Special thanks to Alessia Pellegrino for her work with the actors. 
Special thanks to Ágnes Keresztes for her work with the volunteers.


Sardar Tagirovsky

Main Stage
Sardar Tagirovsky

Sardar Tagirovsky

Sardar Tagirovsky was born in Russia. He currently lives in Budapest, where he is active as a director, actor, and puppeteer. He also participates in various experimental theatre performances, projects, and workshops as a director, organizer, and creative artist. He pursued formal instruction in theatre direction at the University of the Arts in Târgu Mureș in Romania, where he studied with László Bocsárdi. His production of Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard for the Tamási Áron Theatre in Sfântu Gheorghe won the 2015 audience-jury prize at the National Theatre Meetings in Pécs (POSZT).

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