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Comphania João Garcia Miguel & Teatro Ibérico, Lisboa, Portugal

Performed in Portuguese and English with Hungarian subtitles.

1 hours 15 minutes, without breaks.

„I feel the poetry, the life, the profound gaze and the artistic mission of Federico Garcia Lorca as a deep connection with earth and body. These are like old partners and accomplices. The connection with Lorca's writing and universe is an understanding of the cosmos, a lost and rediscovered inheritance that melts in the mud in which one dives, looking for the seeds of flowers. And the music. The choice of A Casa de Bernarda Alba is an appeal against the increasing isolation in the world. That is why a libel, a resist. The figures of "Bernardas" grew back into the cruel light of our day, like monsters that shatter lives. The "Bernardas Albas" close the houses, which is what it says, our institutions making them more and more coercive. In definite we must continue to fight because the opportunities are not equal for all. “Bernardas” propagate speeches where they imply mechanisms of repression and censorship as if they defend liberty. They confuse us. The diminution of the freedom of the individual is a daily activity, a succession of happenings that cannot be repudiated and that affect us and settle in "prison existence". Fear lies with us every night. The threat "death of the father" – the one who can save us and lead to a better and brighter future is constantly invoked. They make us orphans of the future and the past.” (João Garcia Miguel)

Sean O’Callaghan, Annette Naiman, Beatriz Godinho, Duarte Melo

Scenic Space: João Garcia Miguel
Costumes: Rute Osório de Castro
Music: Ricardo Martins
Promotion: Mário Rainha
Assistant Director: Rita Costa, Eurico D’Orca
Production Director: Georgina Pires
Technical Director: Roger Madureira
Communication: Alcina Monteiro
Technical Assistance: AUDEX


João Garcia Miguel

Gobbi Hilda Stage
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