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Carlo Gozzi

The Raven 16

Based on the fairytale of the same title by Carlo Gozzi

The Raven

Alexandrinsky Theater, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Director: Nicholay Roschin

Russian with simultanious hungarian translation. Suitable for audiences 16 years of age and older!

2 hours, without breaks.

The drama The Raven is based on a “fiaba” (a theater tale with a tragic-comic story) by the same name (Il Corvo), written in 1762 by Carlo Gozzi, the famous Italian dramatist, a contemporary and rival of Goldoni. The director, Nickolay Roshchin, has produced dramas by Gozzi before. In 2001, he directed The Stag King. The production was praised as one of the most striking interpretations of a work by Gozzi ever to have been performed in Russia. It won the Smoktunovsky Prize and the Award of the Moscow Critics Association.

This production of The Raven is free of superficial “Italian” clichés and the playful, carnival, improvisatory style of the commedia dell’arte. Instead, it reveals the deeper interpretive layers of the play, bringing its dramatic quality to the surface. Like Gozzi’s other dramas, The Raven ushers the audience into a world that is rich with complex and fantastic events and unusual passions. The story presents a cavalcade of love, devotion, friendship and magic that is sometimes mirthful and amusing and sometimes oppressive, a procession that is seasoned with scenes involving characters hidden behind masks, strange spectacles, and expressive movements and gestures. 

Színészek/actors: Victor Smirnov, Tikhon Zhiznevsky, Valentin Zakharov, Alexander Polamishev, Yelena Nemzer, Polina Teplyakova, Alexey Panichev, Dmitry Belov, Sergey Sidorenko 

Zenészek/Musicians: Timofey Gavrilov, Inna Andreyeva, Dmitry Zotin, Givi Sarkisyan, Alexander Shcherbakov

Díszlet/Set design: Nickolay Roshchin
Zeneszerző, az előadás zenei vezetője/Music and sound design: Ivan Volkov
Maszkok, jelmezek, kellék/Masks, costumes, accessories: Andrei Kalinyn, Ekaterina Koptyayeva, Nickolay Roshchin
Világítástervező/Lighting designer: Artyom Prikhodov
Hangmérnök/Sound engineer: Kirill Shirobokov


Nicholay Roschin

Main Stage
Nicholay Roschin

Nicholay Roschin

Nikolay Roschin is the Chief director of the National Drama Theater of Russia (Alexandrinsky Theater) – since September 2016. Graduated from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (RATI-GITIS, Moscow) in 1997. Director, set designer, creator and artistic director of the Moscow theater "ARTO". Taught at the director's master's degree at the Vsevolod Meyerhold Theatre Center, the Moscow Art Theater School, at the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute. Has released a number of performances at the Vsevolod Meyerhold Theatre Center in the framework of artistic research programs dedicated to the practical development of the most important stage schools. Staged performances based on the plays of Beckett, Gozzi, Ruzhevich, texts by Antonin Artaud.

At the Alexandrinsky Theater he is a director and set designer of the following performances: “An Old Woman Hatches” based on the play by T. Ruzhevich (2014, New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater), “The Raven” based on the play by K. Gozzi (2015, Main Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater); the author of the scenography of the play by Valery Fokin “Today. 2016 - ... " based on the novel " Fire " by K. Fokin (2016, New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater); director and set designer of the play "The Bathhouse" based on the play by V. Mayakovsky (2017, New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater); director and set designer of the play "Cyrano de Bergerac" (2018, Main Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater); set designer of the play "The Birth of Stalin" (2019, Main Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater); together with Andrei Kalinin, director and set designer of the play "Children in Power" based on the play "Victor, or Children in Power" by the French playwright Roger Vitrac (2019, New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater); director and set designer of the play "Mayakovsky. The Bathhouse" based on the play by V. Mayakovsky (2019, the main stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater); director and set designer of the play “Children of the Sun” (2021, main stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater).

In the sphere of creative interests of Nikolai Roshchin is the search for new ways of stage expressiveness within the framework of non-verbal theater. While studying at GITIS, he has created the creative group "Ship of Fools", the first performance of which in 1998 has won the Moscow Debuts prize. The director consistently has built the concept of his theater, taking pantomime, clownery and comedy del arte as a basis. For the performance "The Deer King" K. Gozzi (RAMT, 2001) was awarded the I. Smoktunovsky "For directorial skills" and the prize of the Association of Moscow Critics "For Search and Daring". The play "Don Juan" based on texts by A. Pushkin and A. Tolstoy, staged in 2002 at the Tadashi Suzuki Performing Arts Center with Japanese actors, was recognized as the  "Best Director's Work". Works by Nikolai Roschin were presented at many international theater festivals. At the international theatre festival TOGA 2002, Japan.

In July 2016, in Naples, on the stage of the antique amphitheater of the Archaeological Park Pausilypon, as part of the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia, the premiere of the play „The Trojan Women” based on the tragedy of Euripides was staged by the artistic director of the Alexandrinsky Theater Valery Fokin and Nikolai Roshchin. In 2017, he won the Golden Mask Russian National Theater Award in the Artist's Work category (play „The Raven”).

In 2019, Nikolai Roshchin's play "Cyrano de Bergerac" was nominated for the Russian National Theater Award "Golden Mask" in several nominations: "Performance of a large form", "Director's work", "Best actor" - Ivan Volkov for the role of Cyrano de Bergerac, " The work of the artist "," The work of the costume designer ".

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