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First love

First love

National Theatre, Budapest, Hungary

Director: Péter Gemza

1 hours 30 minutes.

First love, one of Beckett’s first short stories written in French, had its Hungarian premiere this year in the Csokonai Theatre. The play, which is cynical and humorous at the same time, shows us the inner world of a person who is disturbed by everything. Since the death of his father, he lives as a timid, egoistic vagabond. One day, through an almost imperceptibly developing relationship, he experiences the meaning of the word “love” in reality. While his “me” is sitting alone on a park bench, one day another “me” appears, a female. He starts to become attached to her against his will, and he regains the freedom of his thoughts when she is near. Becket’s work was brought to the stage by Péter Gemza, who became known as a dancer of Josef Nadj and who has been the artistic director of the theatre in Debrecen since 2013.

Samuel Beckett: First love
Csokonai Theatre, Debrecen, Hungary

Gobbi Hilda Stage
Péter Gemza

Péter Gemza

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